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Almost every value chain contains potential for optimisation. Logistics requirements can change over time: talk to us, because our core expertise is in logistics.

Successful logistics requires systematic teamwork between the client and their logistics services provider. Worldwide goods procurement and distribution are highly complex, and there are a large number of country-specific features when handling imports and exports. Here, UNICON’s access to a close-meshed, worldwide network of agents and our decades of experience in this business offer you a stable basis for your company’s special requirements when it comes to logistics. We will work together with you to draw up a customised logistics concept for you, focusing on the following areas:

  • Cost control: reviewing the terms and conditions of contract and delivery for your commercial activities; highlighting import duty options to preserve your liquidity; ensuring a smooth document flow to avoid warehousing fees in port, demurrage and detention charges.
  • Risk management: transport-proof packaging of your goods; coverage via goods transport insurance; preliminary assessment of suppliers by local agents.
  • Compliance with deadlines: selection of suitable carriers; querying the manufacturer’s production status via the agents.